Agent and group presence

uWebChat uses an agent’s Teams presence to determine whether the agent can be hunted. This chapter explains how agent presence in uWebChat works and how this effects agent groups.

Agent presence

When registering yourself as an agent, uWebChat will try to monitor your Teams presence based on your email address. By having information about your presence, uWebChat is able to prevent chat users from starting a conversation with you whenever you are unavailable.

The table below describes in what scenario’s an agent can be hunted by chat users.

MS Teams
Can be hunted?
Do not disturbNO
Be right backNO

Exceptions to the above scenarios:

  • When an agent issued the Unsubscribe command to uWebChat, he cannot be hunted by chat users, even if his status is ONLINE or BUSY.
  • When an agent is already having a conversation with a chat user, he cannot be hunted by other chat users.
  • When no MS Teams presence can be fetched by uWebChat, it will be ignored. Chat users will always be able to start with the agent unless the agent unsubscribes.

Group presence

To determine if chat users should be able to hunt an agent group, groups have their own presence. This presence is determined using the conditions described in the table below. 



Contains available group members


Group members are unavailable


Outside of opening hours (does not apply when group is Always Available).


A group can be hunted if any agents assigned to the group are available. When using opening hours, the group can only be hunted when the current time is between the defined hours.