Microsoft 365 Copilot and uWebchat
Imagine the productivity boost!

March 21, 2023

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Microsoft 365 Copilot and uWebChat

Combining Microsoft 365 Copilot with uWebChat will bring your business an even more efficient, collaborative and intelligent customer support experience that drives customer satisfaction and growth.

uWebChat already powered by ChatGPT-4 language model from Azure OpenAI

Experience seamless multilingual communication with uWebChat, which incorporates the ChatGPT-4 language model from Azure OpenAI to enable real-time translation. This makes uWebChat the intelligent, Office integrated live chat bot that translates real time to and from any world language. Agents can communicate in any language. uWebChat opens the world to you. 

Improved productivity and efficiency

Integrating Microsoft 365 CoPilot with uWebChat could help customer support agents respond to queries more efficiently, as the AI can provide real-time suggestions and relevant information to help agents provide accurate and timely answers. 

Enhanced collaboration

Microsoft Copilot can enable support agents to collaborate on resolving customer issues by providing real-time suggestions and drawing from a shared knowledge base. 

AI-assisted writing

Microsoft 365 Copilot can help support agents compose clear, concise, and grammatically correct responses, improving the overall quality of customer support communication.

Faster onboarding and training

Copilot can be a valuable training tool for new support agents, helping them learn the ropes by offering real-time suggestions and guidelines for handling customer inquiries.

Multilingual support

By leveraging language models, Copilot can assist agents in communicating with customers in multiple languages, providing a more inclusive and accessible support experience. uWebChat is already based on Azure Cognitive services and uses real time translation based on the browser language of the visitor. Native agents are no longer required, the world is your market. 

Seamless integration

By integrating with other Microsoft 365 tools and services, Copilot can offer an even more comprehensive support experience, as it can access relevant documents, data, and applications to assist with customer queries, directly available to your uWebChat agents.

Cost savings

Automated processes can make a hug impact on costs, reducing the number of human agents needed. 

Improved user experience

Combining Copilot with uWebChat live chat ensures that users receive the most appropriate assistance, whether it’s an automated response for a simple question or a personalized answer from a human agent for a more complex issue.