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Core Services

Intensify the relationship

Research shows that website visitors are more likely to make a transaction when there is interaction with you as a provider of a product or service. But how can you handle this efficiently, and how to get your agents skilled for the chat era?

uWebChat is the intelligent chat bot that brings all the answers. It helps your customer service or sales team to interact with your customers and prospects, in an efficient and effective way.
The conversational communication skills of uWebChat make it easy for your team to interact with visitors. uWebChat provides automatic answers and your live agent can jump in when necessary; enabling them to communicate in any world language because of the rich conversational AI technology that uWebChat brings. uWebChat can help you achieve more customer satisfaction and attributes to a higher sales conversation rate.

Secure Cloud Services

uWebChat is 100% Microsoft Azure technology and uWebChat does not store any chat data. Your chat conversations are stored in your MS365 tenant only, thus subject to your company security policies. uWebChat is optionally available in your private Azure tenant.

Intelligent Communications

uWebChat is your omnichannel chat bot, enabling your agents to chat, call and start a videocall, or have uWebChat generate automatic responses. No more waiting for agents, uWebChat uses contactcenter hunting methods, based on Teams availability.

Integrated Services

uWebChat integrates with your Microsoft 365 services, use MS Teams to handle uWebChat conversations, activate your Teams agents for uWebChat and store your conversations in your MS 365 OneDrive.


Meet our team

Alex van der Stam

Alex van der Stam

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Hekman

Mark Hekman

Lead Developer

Saskia Loeff

Saskia Loeff

Chief Commercial Officer

Jelte Wolf

Jelte Wolf

Azure Engineer

Tim Blom

Tim Blom

Support Engineer

Alexander ter Meulen

Alexander ter Meulen

Business Development

Indispensable for every customer-oriented organization, multi channel, multi language chat bots can boost your sales en improve customer satisfaction.

smart and Intelligent chat bot

  Microsoft Azure & Teams chat bot 

uWebChat is based on 100% Microsoft Azure technology en uses Microsoft Teams as your agent client. Your team members get notified on their Microsoft Teams client when a visitor on your website or web shop starts a chat. This can either be a request for a personal chat with a specific team member, or a chat with a specific group or department.


Available for any budget

uWebChat is available for any budget, starting with a free edition and ending with the Enterprise editions that provides all the Intelligent chat bot features. Educational & non-profit organizations receive discounts, reach out to our team for more information.



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