Secure Live Chat - uWebChat

uWebChat is more than just a chat bot. It is a secure live chat solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams and offers features such as presence-based hunting, archive to OneDrive, MeetNow, and real-time translation. uWebChat does not store any conversational data and runs on 100% Azure infrastructure, ensuring that your data and privacy are protected by the enhanced security policies and guarantees in the Microsoft Cloud.

Live chat bot 100% Azure based; uptime guaranteed

uWebChat is a secure live chat solution that runs on Microsoft Azure and complies with the security policies and uptime guarantees that Microsoft provides. This ensures that uWebChat can handle any volume of chat traffic and meet the needs of any organization.

Microsoft Graph

uWebChat does not keep any chat data on its servers. However, uWebChat uses Microsoft Graph to access your Microsoft 365 tenant. By giving uWebChat permission to use Microsoft Graph, you can allow agents to save chat conversations to OneDrive. This way, information is stored in your Microsoft 365 tenant and follows your security and compliancy rules.

How uWebChat ensures security and compliance for your live chat

uWebChat staff cannot access uWebChat data. Only the Microsoft Bot Framework and Graph API have the permission to access conversation history. This content is stored securely within your organization’s domain, inside Microsoft 365. Access tokens for the Graph API are stored in Azure key vault and are only available to authorized sysadmins, who follow the ISO27001 security standards.

How uWebChat protects your live chat from network attacks

uWebChat is a serverless application. This means that it does not rely on any servers or hardware to run, but only on HTTPS (TLS v 1.2) access to the Azure Web Application. By default, these services are secured by Basic Azure anti DDOS protection, which is part of the Azure infrastructure. This feature constantly monitors and prevents common network-level attacks, such as denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service, providing a similar level of security as Microsoft online services.

Backup and disaster recovery mechanism for uWebChat

uWebChat has a resilient infrastructure with no single point of failure. The uWebChat database (which holds license and tenant ID information) is backed up every hour, and the backup data is stored in the Universal Cloud datacenters in the Netherlands, which are separate from Azure.

ISO27001 certified

uWebChat is a product of Universal IT. Universal IT has obtained ISO27001 certification from KIWA, a leading certification body. You can ask for a copy of the certificate or the statement of applicability if you need it.

How agents can block unwanted visitors for a short time

The ban visitor feature in uwebchat is a feature that allows agents to block unwanted or abusive visitors from chatting with them. When an agent receives a chat request from a visitor that they want to ban, they can use the /ban command in the chat window to temporarily block the visitor’s IP address. This will prevent the visitor from starting a new chat session with any agent for a certain period of time