Enable additional fields in uwebchat visitor window

When embedding uWebChat to your website, your website visitors will have the option to start a chat by first entering their name. It is now possible to enable additional fields for your website visitors and even make them required.

The following optional fields can be selected:


  • E-mail
  • Company
  • Phone
  • Country
You can enable these fields with the following steps. When you use the Embed command to generate code to embed to your website, you change the code to include the new fields.
For example, here is a code snippet of the embedding code without the custom fields:
<iframe allow=”microphone” class=”uwebchat-window-style” src=”https://pool01.uwebchat.com/uwebchat.html?agent=11111111-AAAA-2222-BBBB-333333CCCCCC&customer=11111111-AAAA-2222-BBBB-333333CCCCCC”></iframe>
If you wish to add additional fields, change the following. The changes are marked as bold text in this example.
If you wish to make one or more of these fields required, add the &required= field.
<iframe allow=”microphone” class=”uwebchat-window-style” https://pool01.uwebchat.com/uwebchat.html?&fields=email,company,phone,country&required=email,company&agent=11111111-AAAA-2222-BBBB-333333CCCCCC&customer=11111111-AAAA-2222-BBBB-333333CCCCCC></iframe>