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Effortless Implementation of uWebChat

Easy 3 step activation

1) Install uWebChat from Microsoft AppSource

Simply add agents to your group and define priority per agent to make sure the best suitable agent will receive the chat. No agent available? uWebChat will take your message and notifies the first available agent.

2) Create your first group and add agents to the group

Automatic realtime translation from and to the language of your visitor, automatic detection and translation. Native agents are no longer needed; you can chat in any language now!

3) Login to your WordPress site and download the plugin

In WordPress, to activate the button you need to enter 2 ID’s o the settings page:
Customer ID
This is your unique customer ID that was generated by installing the uWebChat software from AppSource. You can retrieve your customer ID by typing “debug” in the uWebChat chat window.

Group ID
This ID can be found by typing “show groups” in the chat window.


Creating a custom style for the chat button on your website is a feature offered by uWebChat, which allows for a more personalized and branded user experience.
Is the plugin free?

Yes, the plugin itself uses the GNU General Public License.

Does the plugin require a paid uWebChat license?
The WordPress plugin for uWebChat is free, the plugin embeds uWebChat easily within WordPress. You can use the free version of uWebChat, available in Microsoft AppSource and providing basic features or you can acquire a commercial license with additional features like group settings, automatic translation, service times, Meet Now, AI Virtual Agent and more.

Can I use the same Customer ID and Group ID on multiple WordPress sites (domain names)?
Yes you can uWebChat on multiple sites or portals when using a commercial license.

Does the chat button appear on every page on my site?

Indeed, uWebChat is present across all sites, and most importantly, it maintains a persistent connection, ensuring visitors remain engaged even when they navigate away from the page.

Can I change the branding of the uWebChat button in the WordPress plugin?
You can change the styling by editing your site’s CSS. Please consult the uWebChat manual for more information.

Can I use the plugin without using Microsoft Teams?
Teams is currently the only supported client. We will add additional clients (Slack) in the near future so stay connected for more information.

Is this plugin any different than manually adding HTML code?
No, it just makes it easier to embed. You can also use the code generated by uWebChat by using the “Embed” command and adding it manually to the header and body tags of your page.

Can I create my own style for the chat window?
Yes you can customize colours and settings of the uWebChat Conversation Window in the Enterprise license.

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