New Save to Onedrive experience in uwebchat
uWebChat Team
Sept 9, 2022

uWebChat Save to OneDrive improved in new release

We have redesigned the way we retrieve a chatlog and store it to your OneDrive account. In the latest release ( uWebChat retrieves chat conversations directly form the bot’s session memory instead of retrieving from the Microsoft GraphAPI.

This results in a much quicker operation, without compromising security, uWebChat is the GDPR compliant live chat solutions that does not store your chat conversations. 

About uWebChat Save to OneDrive

uWebChat Save to OneDrive enables you to securely archive your chat conversations to the user’s Microsoft 365 OneDrive. After disconnecting from a conversation, the user will be prompted with the question to store this conversation. By accepting, the conversation history is automatically stored in the Microsoft 365 OneDrive folder of the user. And, the user can receive an e-mail message that contains the conversation information, this can be used for integrating or tracking to your business applications. 

How to activate uWebChat Save to OneDrive

To be able to use Save to OneDrive your uWebChat admin needs to activate this feature by consenting uWebChat to access the Microsoft Graph API. Then, users also need to grant permissions to uWebChat before they can store their conversations in OneDrive. 

GDPR Compliant

The only information that is stored in the Azure topology are email addresses of the subscribed agents and their usage statistics. All “content” information is stored only within your Microsoft  365 Teams & OneDrive tenant. We do not store any conversations in our database.  

100% Azure based

Since the infrastructure resides in the Azure infrastructure, uWebChat matches the security policies and guarantees that the Microsoft Azure platform offers.  

Matches your security measurements

uWebChat staff have no access to uWebChat data. Only the Microsoft Bot framework and GraphAPI’s can access conversation history. Conversation history is stored only inside your Microsoft 365 security scope; uWebChat is subject to your compliancy rules.

uWebChat organization ISO27001 certified