Upgrading your license

After using the free version of uWebChat, you might want to upgrade to a paid subscription so you can benefit from extra features. This chapter will explain how to upgrade your current uWebChat subscription.
Upgrading free license

In order to upgrade your uWebChat subscription, you can either type Upgrade or Upgrade Subscription in uWebChat.

After the command has been entered, a rich card will appear, prompting you to enter an existing key or to acquire a new key. 

If you choose Enter Existing Key, a new rich card will appear in which you can activate your license key.  

If you choose Acquire New Key, a link will appear which will redirect you to Microsoft AppSource. On this page, you can acquire a new licence key. Once the licence key has been acquired, you can type Upgrade in uWebChat and enter the newly acquired licence key.

Purchase additional licenses

If you have purchased one of the commercial editions of uWebChat and you wish to purchase additional licenses to expand the maximum amount of the agents, please follow the following steps.

 There is currently no functionality in our purchase process to self-service the buying of additional license. Please contact helpdesk@universal.cloud with the request to upgrade the number of agents tied to your licenses. Please refer to your license key when making this request. We will expand your licenses and change the billing accordingly.

Change commercial license type

If you have purchased one of the commercial editions of uWebChat and wish to change the license type (example: Basic to Enterprise), please follow the following steps.

In Microsoft AppSource, cancel your existing order and go through the process to order licenses that you wish to use. Once you have received your license key, please contact helpdesk@universal.cloud to help you activate your new purchased key.

If you have any issues during this process, please contact helpdesk@universal.cloud.