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More than just a chat bot, uWebChat is intelligent, smart, skilled and speaks every world language.

uWebChat Translate

uWebChat Translate is a powerful tool that breaks down language barriers and enables seamless communication between people from different parts of the world.

By using uWebChat as your live web chat application, you can chat with anyone, anywhere, in any language. Connect with a global audience to boost sales and improve customer service.
Boost Sales

Boost Sales by providing personalized and efficient customer service in any language

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance the customer experience by providing instant and accurate translation, making it easier for customers to interact with businesses and get the information they need
Reduce Costs

Reduce the cost of hiring native agents and eliminates language barriers, allowing businesses to expand their reach and connect with a global audience

Improve efficiency

Improve the efficiency
of communication by allowing agents and chat users to see messages in their preferred language, reducing misunderstandings and miscommunication

Chat across the map 

uWebChat /Translate

uWebChat’s /Translate feature breaks down language barriers, enabling seamless communication between people worldwide in real time

Skill based agent hunting

Simply add agents to your group and define priority per agent to make sure the best suitable agent will receive the chat. No agent available? uWebChat will take your message and notifies the first available agent.

Realtime translation

Automatic realtime translation from and to the language of your visitor, automatic detection and translation. Native agents are no longer needed; you can chat in any language now!

Virtual Assistant

Save money and improve servicelevels by the use of automated chat bot services for the frequently asked questions. uWebChat is self learning and getting smarter all the time. And if the right answer is not provided your website visitor can always and instantly start a chat with a live agent.

Archive to OneDrive

Provide a rich Questions and Answers chat bot, provide realtime live chat or start an instant meeting. Choose the best options for your customers.

Customize chat client

Customize uWebChat to match your company branding by adjusting fonts, colors and styling. Your corporate web chat matches your company’s look & feel!

Whatsapp integration

uWebChat integrates with WhatsApp for Business so your WhatsApp messages can be handled with all the intelligent features that uWebChat brings.


Configure for your specific company settings like service times, holidays, language per agent and language settings per group. uWebChat is designed to fit your organization seamlessly.

Promote chat to voice or video with meetnow

Sometimes it is just better or easier to talk to someone, simply convert the chat to a audio- or videocall. Instant and easy. No plugins. 100% browser based. uWebChat is your omnichannel communication tool.


100% Azure infrastructure, with the enhanced security policies and guarantees in the Microsoft Cloud. And conversational data can only be stored in your business OneDrive account. thus your company security policies apply.

Custom fields in start chat window

If you need your visitors to identify themselves with more than just a name; use the optional fields like company, e-mail, phone number and country. With the option to mark fields as required.


uWebChat Avatar displays either your agents Teams personal image or a custom Avatar, to personalize your business live chat to create trust and brand loyalty.


With uWebChat /Transfer, your agents can transfer a chat conversation – including the conversation details – to another agent, who can pick up the conversation where the other agent left off. 

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