July 13, 2023

Unique and powerful new webchat feature: uWebChat Transfer

Optimize servicelevels with uWebChat Transfer

We will soon launch the unique chatbot feature that enables agents to route a conversation – including the chat history – to another team member. Bringing business chat in customer service to a next level. uWebChat is already skill based, allowing you to create specific knowledge groups to make sure the conversation is handled by the best skilled agent. However; that does not always mean that one agent can do the job. Sometimes multiple skills are needed to answer the question, solve the issue or process the order. That is why uWebChat adds “Transfer” to the long list of powerful and intelligent webchat features.

With uWebChat Transfer the chat can be routed to another users, who can continue the conversation where the previous user left off. 

Transfer a web chat conversation - including the chat history - to another team member

/Transfer will be available this summer in uWebChat Pro and Enterprise licenses. Licensed users will automatically have access to this new intelligent contact center webchat feature. Taking your business chat to the next level with skill based agent hunting, omnichannel chatbot features for chat, call and video conversations, secure archive in OneDrive, real time translation in 68 languages, speech to text, leave a message and many more intelligent chatbot features.

uWebChat free users: don't miss out on business opportunities and upgrade your license today!

Using the free version? You are missing out on so many tools that can boost your sales and your service level flourish. Upgrading your license is easy. Simply purchase your key and add it to uWebChat – all the features, including uWebChat Transfer, will automatically open up for you.