Information fields added in new uWebChat release
uWebChat Team
July 13, 2022

Another intelligent feature is now added to the uWebChat start conversation window. Now you can optionally add additional fields to this start window like company name, phone number, e-mail address or country. This enables your organization to better identify your visitor.  

NEW: Customizable fields in the uWebChat start window

Now you can add additional fields to the uWebChat conversation window, where visitors can add additional information like e-mail, phone number, country or company name. Simply select the fields that are appropriate for your organization so your agents can easily identify your visitor.

You can even mark all or some fields as required. Visitors then need to enter the required information before starting a conversation. 

uWebChat Custom Fields in Conversation start window

NEW: Default group creation

Now, when setting up uWebChat, it automatically creates a group and adds the admin agent to this group. This makes it easier to set up uWebChat since you can directly start working, without any configuration.


  • Fix fontsize leave a message. A change in font size was implemented in the leave a message dialog box to match 16px sot it fits correctly on mobile devices.
  • Fix Dutch welcome messageChanged the Dutch welcome message for visitors to “Hallo, wat is jouw naam?”.
  • Fix CCS customization in Leave a Message. Fixed the he colors of the leave a message to match the custom CSS colors, and fixed an incorrect double star in Leave a Message.
  • Fix hunting method in newly created groups. This is now set to the default hunting method.

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