uWebChat /translate

Real-time translation in any world language

The Enterprise edition of uWebChat has access to the real time translation feature. This feature allows agents and chat users to see messages in their preferred language. This feature is enabled automatically when an Enterprise license has been registered.

Real Time Translation

To give your customers the option to contact you in multiple languages, simply setup multiple groups and assign a designated group language. See Real Time Translation for more information.

After assigning a group a language, you can also set the option if your website visitors will be prompted which language they would like to use, based on either their browser language or the set group language. See Visitor Language Prompt for more information.

Agents can set their preferred language. Once this has been set, all messages from website chat users will appear in the preferred language of the agent. See Agent personal settings for more information.

It is possible that an agent wants to disable real-time translation during a conversation. This might be because your agent is comfortable using multiple languages. During a chat with a website user, the agent can use the /translate command to either enable or disable real-time translation. The website user will not see the command in their chat. Changing this setting during a chat does not translate previously sent message

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