20) Real Time Translation

December 17, 2021

The Enterprise edition of uWebChat has access to the real-time translation feature. This feature allows agents and chat users to see messages in their preferred language. You can decide what language your group is during the creation of a group or you can use the Edit Group command and select the Group Language to change this later.

20.1 Real time translation

When a chat user has started a group chat, the web chat window will be translated to the chosen language of the group (below: Dutch).

The screen where the chat user must enter his/her name will always be translated to the same language that is set in the chat user’s browser (below: English).

It is possible that an agent wants to disable real-time translation during a conversation. This might be because your agent is comfortable using multiple languages. During a chat with a website user, the agent can use the /translate command to either enable or disable real-time translation. The website user will not see the command in their chat. Changing this setting during a chat does not translate previously sent messages.