23) Managing group members - ​ uWebChat
23) Managing group members
December 17, 2021
Group members represent agents that are assigned to a specific group. The order in which group members are hunted is determined by their Hunt Order Number. A group member with the lowest number (e.g. 1) will be hunted first. If the agent did not accept a chat request within 15 seconds, the request will pass on to a group member with a higher number. If nobody accepted the request within 60 seconds, the hunting stops.

23.1 Managing group members

You can use the following commands to manage group members of a group:

  • Show members – Show the members (agents) of a group.
  • Add member – Guides you through adding an agent to a group.
  • Edit member – Guides you through editing group member properties you set during the creation of the group member.
  • Remove member – Remove an agent from a group. Removing an agent from a group does not delete the agent itself.