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New features uWebChat

We are constantly adding new features and functions, based on the feedback we receive from our valued customers. We would like to thank you for that! It enables us to constantly improve and match your needs and wishes. Please continue to feed us with your ideas, it is greatly appreciated!

Please check out the latest uWebChat features below and stay tuned for more updates to come! 

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uWebChat Team 

NEW: enable/disable realtime translation during a chat session

Last week's new uWebChat release brings the option to enable or disable realtime translation on the fly when you are in a chat.

Realtime translation can be activated per group, now you can override this setting during a chat session, for this chat session only. 

Type /translate to enable or disable automatic translation. It is as easy as that. 

Not familiair with realtime translation? Try our free 30 day Enterprise license. It will skill your live agents with the knowlegde of 68 languages!

Organizations that do not provide 24/7 services, but do want to respond to chat request can use this message on away feature.

Agents will be notified automatically - once they become online in Teams - with the call to action details of the visitor so they can respond immediately.

Leave message on away will be released in the October release.


Sometimes it is just easier to talk face to face. We are happy to announce that we will bring the new feature that enables the agent to promote the uWebChat chat conversation to an instant meeting.

uWebChat instant meeting will be released in Q4 2020.

24/7 availability with uWebChat Q&A

Enrich uWebChat with Questions & Answers (Q&A maker). 24/7 available with automated answers to frequently asked questions. Q&A maker is an additional service to uWebChat, please reach out to us for more details.
Bugfixes in version 1.7
  • /debug; fixed an issue where /debug was not working for some uWebChat administrators.
  • uWebChat administration improvement; fixed an issue where administrators with an e-mail adress not similar to their UPN were not able to manage uWebChat services properly.
uWebChat features
Personal & Group chat
Set service times
Presence based Team hunt
Hunting method on agent priority
Language settings per group
Language settings per agent
Archive to OneDrive
E-mail chat conversation
Speech to text
Realtime automatic translation in 68 languages
Configure translation per group
Enable/disable translation during chat session
Custom branding of uWebChat website button
Custom branding of uWebChat chat window
Integration with Q&A maker
uWebChat is part of the uCommunications Suite with:
uCallManager (direct routing for Teams Phone System/Business Voice)
uWallBoard (wallboard for Teams Phone System/Business Voice)
uContactManager (rich contact card for MS Teams Calling)

More information is available on our website. If you are interested in the uCommunications Suite products or need a quote, please contact  us. 
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