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uWebChat Microsoft preferred solution

Preferred solutions are selected by a team of Microsoft experts and are published by Microsoft partners with deep, proven expertise and capabilities to address specific customer needs in a category, industry, or industry vertical. … Read More

New features: MeetNow & Message on Away

  NEW: “MeetNow” Promote your chat to an instant voice or videomeeting  Now your agents can promote any chat conversation to a voice or video call. Simply type /meetnow in uWebChat en your visitor can join an instant voice or video … Read More

Data-Driven Customer Journeys

Keeping customers happy doesn’t just mean dealing with their calls and queries. Customers expect businesses to make the process as pain-free as possible. They expect them to know who they are, why they’re calling, and what their needs are – … Read More

Is Your Business Keeping Pace With The Chatbot Boom?

Artificial Intelligence, flying cars, the Jetsons – we’ve heard it all before, but could Johnny Five really be alive this time? Well, our chatbot most certainly is. Okay, so our bot can’t play cards or solve crimes, but it’s pretty … Read More

New features uWebChat

We are constantly adding new features and functions, based on the feedback we receive from our valued customers. We would like to thank you for that! It enables us to constantly improve and match your needs and wishes. Please continue … Read More

AI Chatbot Vs. Human Interaction: Who Wins?

Luckily, long-gone are the days when customers would be left hanging for hours listening to Cisco´s terrible Michael Bolton breakdown. As everything is going online, the playing field is changing. It’s just a matter of time before artificial intelligence can … Read More

uWebChat 3 step activation video

Activating uWebChat is extremely easy. It is just a few clicks away…

Announced: message on away

Today we announce the following new feature in uWebChat: “message on away”. This feature enables your customers to leave a message when your agents are offline (outside servicetimes). The message will be posted to the agent group in MS Teams, … Read More

Real-time translation in uWebChat

A true milestone; uWebChat is opening up the entire world for you with real-time translation! Communicate with everyone around the globe. uWebChat brings real-time translation in any of the 68 languages available. We apologize to all the Star Trek fans … Read More

Speech to text in uWebChat

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Just talk, uWebChat is listening!That easy, talk to uWebChat and it will type it out for you. In any language! Easy when you are multitasking, on the … Read More